When Women Ovulate

Many women dream one day of bearing children.  It is a joyous moment when that time comes and for many women it is a dream come true.  Some take meticulous steps in planning conception while others don’t.  Every woman’s “cycle” is different but even that is not a deterrent for some couples’ planning.  Some have more difficulties conceiving than others but experts tell you the best time to conceive is during the time in which the woman is ovulating.  But because cycles run differently it is difficult to determine exactly when that will take place.  Here are two common times for ovulation.

Day 14 – Many women will have a 28-32 day cycle.  It is possible that women have condensed cycles of 1-14 days, however, this is rare. Cycles can start from the time of puberty, sometimes a little before.  For consistency sake, let’s assume a cycle is 28-32 day cycle.  Day 14 is the most common time when ovulation begins. To improve the “chances” starting on day 14 is key.  There are theories as to the frequency of sex, but keep in mind two things: 1) sexual activity every day can lead to a depletion of sperm count.  In essence, the male partner needs time to “regenerate” the sperm. 2) If women are coming off of birth control, patch or pill, it could take significant time for the body to turn itself back into normality.

Day 10 After a Period – Women will experience ovulation in day 10 after a period/cycle.  The hormones within the body will inevitably change also giving the woman an indication that ovulation is occurring.  As before, there are differences in opinion as to the frequency of sexual activity.  Keep in mind, however, that sperm can remain “active” for 36 hour after the male’s discharge.

A surer way to determine whether one is ovulating or not is by using an ovulation test.  They can be in virtually any store that sells women hygiene products.  Some products do work better than others but it is important to consult with a physician or nurse before buying these products.

There is no hard and fast rule to determine the exact time and date ovulation will occur.  With some women it is more predictable than others.  A woman’s best indicator is to feel the way the body reacts to normal everyday situations.  While not a definite indicator of ovulation it does show that the body is undergoing hormonal changes.

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